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With Nicoline Falmer-Nielsen

Suitable for beginners

Make a handful of colourful, fun and fantastic crepe paper flowers during this four hour workshop.

We will look at various techniques to shape several flowers and look at how they can combine to create different styles. We will also look at colouring the paper in various ways.

You will be guided through each part step by step initially and then let loose to be creative once you have worked through 2 flowers to work at your own pace.

All materials is provided to make around 10 flowers either during the workshop or to complete the last few at home afterwards.

Be aware crepe paper flower making is highly addictive, very relaxing and enormously satisfying when you see your flowers evolve.

The flowers made are not botanically correct copies but inspired by nature with a sprinkle of artistic and creativity

"I was looking forward to this workshop and enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. I came away with a beautiful flower that I can't quite believe I made and the materials to make a couple more. I'll definitely be back!"


June 2023

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