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With: Nicoline

Suitable For : Beginners & Improvers

Class size: 8-10

Welcome to the Paper Poppy Workshop!

In this workshop I will be teaching you how to create stunning, detailed poppy style flower. A flower that's perfect for those who want to take their paper flower-making skills to

the next level.

We will start by building up the pod of the flower, look at a variety of ways to create this, how to create the fuller individual stamens and cut and shape the cup shaped petals plus look to create a bud. To achieve a more realistic look, we will be working with pre-hand-dyed crepe paper and pastels to add accents to the poppy.

During the workshop, I will also look at creating leaves to add more authenticity to your flowers. By the end of the workshop, you have the skills tto create more poppies with the paper and materials you take home.

This workshop is perfect for those who have already tried making crepe paper flowers and

want to improve their skills. It's also suitable for beginners who have nimble fingers and are

eager to learn a new skill. Join us for an exciting, and  very relaxing workshop learning how to create stunning paper poppies that will wow your friends and family.

Paper flowers makes great gifts and decorations for parties, weddings, cake topper, table decorations and do much more.

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