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£145 including lunch


21st June

10am - 5pm


19th September

10am - 5pm

With: Cecily Kate

Suitable For: All

Class Size: 8

Join us for this full day workshop and discover how to make some nature inspired felted vessels.

During the morning we will choose colour combinations from a wonderful spectrum of wool fibres for the inner and outer surfaces.

Cecily Kate will then guide you in the time-honoured tradition of wet felting your two pleasingly round woollen bowls. Where our ancestors once used rocks and pebbles as forms to felt around, we will be using two sizes of modern sturdy inflatable balls as our form or ‘resist'. 

Wet felting requires a certain amount of massaging, rolling and rubbing, so be prepared roll up your sleeves and get stuck in!

Alison will make us a delicious lunch after all that hungry work, and in the afternoon we will needle felt delicate nature-inspired details onto the outer surface of the vessels. 

During this workshop you will learn

  • How to choose coloured fibres and combinations that will make your vessel come alive like a ceramicist would use glaze!

  • How to layer and wrap the wool and blend layers of coloured fibre in reverse

  • How to use various water temperatures and natural soap to help felt the fibres

  • How to recognise and ‘feel’ when your vessel has been fully felted

  • How to needle felt fine nature-inspired designs onto the surface

    What's included

  • A vibrant spectrum of wool

  • Resists/inflatable balls

  • Needles

  • All other materials needed

  • Refreshments & cake

  • Delicious lunch

"A wonderful felting course in a wonderful location with wonderful people. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this very enlightening course.

This was my very first try at needle felting - the tuition was excellent as were the refreshments and baked pastries … however, beware!…once you've been on this course you'll get the felting bug. Very much looking forward to visiting, learning and felting on my next chosen course at this venue. You truly won't be disappointed - enjoy."


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