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With Ruth Johnston

Class size: 6-8

Suitable for: All

We are delighted to bring you this new class with Ruth Johnson, where you will discover the magical art of wet on wet painting.

Ruth will expertly guide you step by step through the process of mixing colours and building up your painting using the technique of working on wet paper.

Wet on Wet Painting is a captivating technique that invites individuals to explore the world of colour and form in a fluid and intuitive way. Unlike traditional painting methods, this approach encourages participants to work with wet paint directly onto wet paper, fostering a unique blending and diffusion of colours.

People often find freedom in the lack of detailed planning, as the unpredictable nature of wet on wet painting opens doors to spontaneous creativity.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or someone exploring painting for the first time, Wet on Wet Painting offers an interesting and inspiring experience. It's not just about creating a beautiful image, it's about enjoying the process.

We will provide on the day:

  • Swedish wet on wet paper

  • Paint Brushes

  • Specialist natural Paints,

  • Painting boards

  • Fresh organic coffee, tea and home made delicious cake

"Wet on wet" painting morning was a truly joyful experience. We were in the same time guided and encouraged to express ourselves freely"


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